About Sable

About us

The Sable brand is owned by Sable Park Estates, a company based in Chegutu that has been operational for over 30 years. John and Bridget Eastwood founded it in 1984. Up until 2016 it was a family run business and is still headed by its CEO, Sean Eastwood, the son of John and Bridget.  Sean has not lost sight of the foundations this brand was built on; hard work, attention to detail, and most importantly the never-ending commitment to fresh quality produce. It is this continued hard work, attention to detail, and passion for our poultry industry that motivates Sable to providing its customers with ‘Healthy, Fresh and Tasty Poultry products’ that many Zimbabweans have come to know and rely on the Sable brand for. In 2011, Sable decided to make its business model one that included a sustainable community supply model. Today a minimum of 60% of all Sable product in market comes from community managed and funded out grower models, through the company Brand Agro.

In late 2016, on the back of our principles and policies, the Zimplats Community Share Ownership Trust, invested in the Sable group of companies, with the sole purpose of increasing capacity and eciency. Through this partnership it is our vision to ensure Sable grows so that more communities around Zimbabwe can benefit from the brand.

Sable has a wide range of poultry lines to choose from. And we continue to develop new ones to ensure that we have a product that suits all Zimbabweans.


Sable strives to provide its customers with fresh, tasty and quality produced poultry products at affordable prices. We produce a truly Zimbabwean product, ensuring our pricing is competitive and sustainable for all Zimbabwean businesses in our value chain, from Chick > Veterinary > Feed > Farmer > Abattoir > Distribution > Retailer > Customer.


Sable vision is to be the leading poultry producer in Zimbabwe. To have a brand that is grown by Zimbabwean communities for Zimbabwean customers. Sable Brand should be a household name, known for its world class quality, freshest and tastiest chicken in market and the positive impact it has on the poultry industry and the country.