Outgrower model

Our farmers & training

A minimum of 60% of all Sable products in the market comes from a community funded out-grower models, through the company Brand Agro.

Farmers need the most up to date information on how to grow chickens efficiently, economically, and most importantly to the standard that Sable and you, our customers’ expectations. This is why Sable invests a lot of time and effort to ensure that our poultry farmers are well equipped and prepared. We hold Farmers Training in preparation for each and every season. Training is critical for farmers because it enables them to share ideas and thoughts and get expert advice relevant to the season based on world-class standards. Farmers really benefit from the Sable contract and there is a high demand to become Sable growers. 

Our main aim is to improve farmer knowledge of new techniques and technologies in addition to providing farmers with any physical resources necessary to assist them to achieve world-class standards. Training dramatically increases the farmers’ level of productivity and understanding and ensures that we receive a product that meets all our standards.

Thank you to all our suppliers namely Hukuru Chicks, Pro Feeds, and Brand Agro, and most of all our farmers for their enthusiastic participation, maintaining our standards always and growing the tastiest chicken.



Fresh and Frozen is the sole distributor of Sable Brand, it has a common share holding with the brand, and it is dedicated to distributing Sable products country wide, in the most efficient, reliable and cost effective way. Fresh and Frozen employs its own dedicated merchandising and sales team to ensure brand awareness. Sales and merchandising are regularly invited to farmers training days to give market feedback, ideas and what the sales team in market is doing to innovate and create more market share, as well as spending time with the farmers to hear the effort farmers are making in creating a good quality product at a competitive price. Fresh and Frozen has increased  its volumes and country wide service over the years, which has turned it in to a very efficient route to market for the Sable Brand. It has taken years to establish a distribution network that can deliver an efficient country wide service for Sable to access the whole of Zimbabwe, however, all the efforts and patience of the team has paid off, and it is now a very cost effective solution for the Sable brand to deliver to market. Fresh and Frozen is constantly investing and improving in its cold chain, from cold stores, to transport, to training of staff. Fresh and Frozen has its cold stores in Chegutu which is centrally positioned to be able to run a country wide distribution.